There is no other time in a woman's life that can compare to the day that she gives birth... On that day, she becomes a mother, and a new family is born.

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**Ryka is no longer doing doula work. For labor services please contact Chandra Fischer (612)387-7836 also at or for postpartum services Central Texas Doula Association**

We are the first group Doula practice in Austin, Texas. Our doulas are available to assist you before, during, and after birth. We provide emotional, physical, and educational support for you and your family.

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I realize now that having a doula is a critical component missing in a lot of pregnancies - doctors and their nurses are simply not available on an emotional level to support pregnant women. And all of this doesn't even touch on the support I received after I gave birth - having a doula's help postpartum was absolutely wonderful...As my doula said, it's a way of honoring yourself for what you've just done.

—Dawn, mother of two
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